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Javier (Spain)

I joined Sarah's ESOL class to improve my grammar, (idioms and phrasal verbs too), as well as my pronunciation.

It is a friendly environment, in a suitable timetable after long working day, and affordable.

I haven't felt my age as a barrier.


I came to join the class because I wanted to improve my English.

I think this class is at a very good time for me to come to learn because I can come after I finish work.


I learned a lot of interesting facts about English and I improved my writing and speaking.

Sarah taught me to believe in myself and boosted my self-confidence.

KateĊ™ina (Czech Republic)

During the year I visited Fareham Language School I improved my English, so I was able to pass exams and gain Cambridge English Level 1 Certificate in ESOL Skills for Life.

I also met people from different countries and learnt about their culture.

Karolina (Poland)

I decided to come to this class because I wanted to improve my English and meet new friends. It was a good opportunity to socialize. Now I feel more confident than before.

Lukas (Czech Republic)

I came to work in the UK as an au-pair and joined Fareham Language School to improve my English and my communication skills.

I have gained a Cambridge English Level 2 Certificate in ESOL Skills for life.

I have met a friend here whom I've seen quite a lot of in England. If you feel lonely in this foreign country, visit Fareham Language School and you won't be alone anymore.

Kathlien (Germany)

I joined the language school, because I wanted to improve my English and to meet new people.

What I gained is, that I improved my English and had the chance to meet people from other countries, I really enjoyed that. Furthermore I did get my certificate for ESOL Level 2.

Joanna (Poland)

I joined the class because I wanted met new people and improve my English. I spent a good time in class and now my English is much better than before. Thank you Sarah for that.

Ruta (Lithuania)

I got more confidence in my talking,I found out a lot of more than new words. I had chance to communicate with many people from different countries and got to know their culture.

I think these lessons is perfect for first steps or improve your level and I definitely would like to recommend it.

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