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Sarah Scammell

BEd (Hons), Cert Ed, MIfL

I qualified as a teacher back in 1981 and started my career working in secondary schools. I took my first step into further education in 1984 when I joined a college in Surrey.

In 1990, I began teaching adults and I got my first job teaching ESOL.

In 1994, I started working for St Vincent College in Gosport. Within a few years, I was given the responsibility of organising and running the ESOL Department.

In 2005 I moved to Fareham College, where I took on the role of ESOL Coordinator. Here, I delivered and taught classes to many students from different nationalities and cultures and have taught them the different skills they needed to become confident speakers of English. In addition, I prepared students to pass Skills for Life examinations from Entry 1 through to Level 2 in both ESOL and Literacy.

Since 2011, I have been the Managing Director and Principal Lecturer of Fareham Language School. In conjunction with Community First and Hampshire Learning, my school has continued the provision of ESOL tuition in the Fareham area.

Aside from my work with Fareham Language School, I also work as a Standards Verifier for one of the national examination boards for ESOL. This enables me to keep up-to-date with delivery of the examinations and current procedures.

Teaching English to foreign speakers is both a rewarding and challenging job. No day is ever the same, whether it is working with the students on practising the 'th' sound that we have in the word ' thought' or teaching them the difference between 'I went' and 'I have gone'. Students are always enthusiastic and keen to learn and it is wonderful to see students from all over the world make new friendships and gain confidence in living in a different culture.

Sarah Scammell

in partnership with

Community First


Hampshire Learning